Should You Hate Windows 8?


Maybe what I should be asking is: “Does Windows 8 Hate me?” Windows 8 is an operating system and nothing more. Note so complicated as people feared it would be. It’s actually more simplified I find. There’s a bit of a learning curve. It helps to read all the reviews. As for getting a feel for it, I recommend you search The Internet for 50 secret tip and tricks for “Windows 8”.

It helps if you grasp a few points. Windows 8 doesn’t have a start menu because its “Start Page” is the Start Menu… You fill your Start Page with as many programs as you wish. The screen always scrolls to the right to accommodate more of whatever you want to put on there.

It’s faster to use the shortcut keys sometimes. They’re easy to remember because they all involve the windows key on your keyboard: “Win+D” for instance, will take you to your Desktop. That isn’t gone either. It’s right on your Start Page!

Microsoft has gone to a lot of trouble to make things more convenient for you, not less. Honestly, sometimes we behave like a pack of wild Bohemians! This is opposed to a group of tamed Bohemians that we usually save for Football.

Be that as it may, LOL we have more of a capacity to adapt and figure things out than we give ourselves credit for. You won’t turn into a lump of desperate confusion. Nor will you convulse on the floor, infuriated and distraught in attempts to find the “On” switch!

Furthermore, this new Operating System puts greater power and control into the operator’s hands! For one thing, it has a far more sophisticated search engine than before; returning you better results faster so you can get on with more important things. Plus, Microsoft has beefed up The Task Manage so you can better monitor your system, and remove troublesome or potential problems.

I saved the best for last: you can sign on FREE of charge, using a Microsoft Account, allowing for special privileges when it comes to controlling your system and installing more troublesome, older programs.

Your Start Screen will become alive with tiles flashing what latest bits and bytes are presently transferring over the Internet; always abuzz with activity! One word of caution: Though a Microsoft Account will open you up to all your accounts without those annoying “Fill in the two words you see.” boxes. I have to go through those things 5 or 6 times sometimes, until I get it right!

It’s well worth the upgrade if you’re presently running Windows 7. I say you should give it a go. I promise it won’t blow up your desk top. Window’s store is loaded with hundreds of FREE programs just as a promotional perk for trying the operating system out. Anyway, there you have my take on it.

There are three ways to get back to the Start Page so it’s difficult if not impossible to get lost. If anything, it’s certainly an enlightening experience. My hat’s off to Microsoft. They’ve really thought this thing out well.

Please exercise the utmost caution using a machine so closely in sync. with the Internet! Watch your system closely for telltale signs there’s a problem; like slow performance, lots of error messages or programs that won’t open. These all are signs someone has hacked into your computer and is likely to eventually crash your system entirely.

Arm yourself with advice from blogs where people can sight sensitive areas for you to steer clear of. The best thing to remember is that it’s all supposed to be fun, so try and relax and at least enjoy you self. Get two good Malware and Virus removing programs; it’s worth it so splurge and get some proper protection for your new PC and Operating System.


3 thoughts on “Should You Hate Windows 8?

    • I do appreciate your constructive comment. When it comes to Microsoft, they only prefer you run Microsoft apps… I’ve found I’m able to get certain programs (retro programs) to run, and some not. I hear it just depends if they’ll run on Window’s 7 or not…

      • Yes i totally agree with you. They only want us to use Microsoft technologies. Even in website development they want us to use ASP. But nobody uses it even fortune 500 companies.They uses WordPress (which is developed on PHP) ,just like you and me.

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