Graphic Reflections


“Mirror mirror on the wall…  Who’s the greatest of them all?”  Michelle Obama?  Graphic design is something I get quite a kick out of; sometimes to the point of fanaticism!  They say: “Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration!”

I don’t believe that to be true in every instance.  I believe if someone enjoys what they do, they’re willing to do it ‘till they drop, get in four (4) hours, and repeat the whole process forever…


I made this set in Photoshop 7 if I’m not mistaken.  Anyway, it was many eons ago, yet I still enjoy them today and place them in pictures often, starting tomorrow.  I promise! 

LOL!  You may have these for now by right clicking them, and saving them with whatever option is available to you.  Soon, before 2050 anyway, I’m going to save my files (through batch process), in either tiff or png format, so you can just grab them and drop them where you like.


Hmmmm…  It looks like someone’s loosing weight!  I exercise all the time, eat a well balanced diet, and get plenty of rest.  LOL!  I do have many extracts that are in psd format, so it will just be a matter of converting them.


This one is slightly different.  Notice to padding around the mirror itself.  The star flare in this one looks more like a real sun because of the yellow coloring.  The Star Burst BTW, is courtesy of KPT Filters I might add.


It’s not a bad idea to shine some lighting effects, which can only add dimension, and make your mirror look more flattened against something; like a wall perhaps?


I’m not even sure this technically is a mirror.  It looks more like someone’s peep hole!  Turn away!  Or perhaps a fancy crystal ball some sort.  What it does have is a frame and we’ll get into those too at some point.


The bevel in the mirror (3D effect) has many controls within Photoshop, to get just the effect you’re looking for.  The moon like crescent I made manually, just by deleting most of an oval shape, placing it on a layer on top of all the rest (each peace has it’s own separate layer), and turning down the opacity to about 30%…

The bluish shinny outer cover of the mirror was set to “Outer Bevel”, and I made it look more flat to present the illusion of a cover or “Fitting’.’ And of corpse the background is just a simple gradient I made.


Many kinds of objects can be made in Photoshop.  It won’t be long before you’re making entire rooms with windows, walls, floors and ceilings, and yes, mirrors, and clocks, populated with all sorts of weird and wild characters.  We’ll get into that some other time too.

I’ll also be bringing you all kinds of buttons (some that light up when you mouse over), headers, side-bars and such, to help you spiff up your blogs if you so choose (I would feel honored), so let me know if you do, so I can see what you did with your site…  I’m here to mutate everything. LOL!


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