That does not compute!

It’s good when you can just sit down and write.  It’s fun, the suspense of not knowing what category you’re going to choose for this one.  And that’s OK!  It will dawn on me somewhere along the way.  There is definitely something that has gone amuck in Paradise!  I never thought buying a new computer would cause so much stress for me!  My: “other half “ doesn’t want me spending so much time on the computer; in fact there’s no reasonable compromise to be made, even that she has a computer of her own that usually sits idling away.  So much for the silent feature of my new tower!  Doesn’t she want to see the war of Man against Machine?  Doesn’t she want to know who’ll win?  LOL!  There’s so much to still do so: “That does not compute!”

I bought a new computer from: “MDG”, a reputable Firm, to be sure!   Yet there’s always something not covered in any manual.  I got a card reader with the computational beast!.  I know I can plug into any USB, and upload my pictures that way’.  Yet, as usual, Microsoft has thrown us all another loop (curve ball) in Windows 8, because it’s very finicky about what it will allow you to download!  So, I’ve never seen a: “Card Reader” before.  Rather than call for assistance, (Blood Clot!) me, I have to go and shove the card into the device on the 50% chance I’d pick the right way…  Nope…  Not this time…  OK.  So that computes.

So now it’s stuck in there for permanent, because I was beginning to ruin the cosmetic appearance of the tower, trying to pry it loose.  I peeked inside but was confronted with another box I don’t have the tools for.  I went to the web-site for another driver but just got the run-around.  And I don’t want to download a Torrent program to look for things, they’re always loaded with viruses.  There should have been some set of instructions so at least numb-skulls like me could enjoy themselves on a computer as well’  Artists like computers too: so: That does not compute!

In some ways, this new operating system is a retro-grade, in spite of the modern facade.  You can download anything Microsoft, anything from Microsoft Store, and some retrograde programs and some not.  For instance, it won’t allow my Canon EOS Utility to take the pictures from my camera.  Paint Shop Pro will download, but is also antiquated in some respects and won’t get them either.  I mean, come on, it’s a $99 program.  What can I expect?  I tried the compatibility feature as well…  It doesn’t work.  When I had “Light Room” and Photoshop CS3 running on XP, they used to fight over which one was going to take the pictures from my camera.  Now I just hear Crickets…  Yet, I tried to download “Tiger Woods Golf 2006” and no go.  So I tried the 2005 addition with equally frustrating results.  Then I blow the cob webs off my “Tiger Woods 1999’” edition, and low and behold, it went off without a hitch…  That does not compute!

Microsoft went retro-grade in other ways as well, but sneaky like.  LOL!  They have a command line and recommend you use it to find things, I guess so you can find things Window’s 8’s very sophisticated search Engine can’t track down, or that it would just be shorter than clicking through the myriad of folders to different places!  Painter IX downloaded easily enough.  And Wacom was waiting there with the new Driver for my Drawing Tablet.  So not all things are bad.  It would be nice to actually download and work on my pictures though…  Now I’m going to have to track down a  friend and “hope” he can help me with this.  I know Chat and multimedia in “The Cloud” is all very important additions.  Yet programs should not take a backseat to this.  And I hate to admit it but Window’s XP was a far superior version in terms of usability for me.  So That… etc.

AAARRRRR Me Mates!  I’m not putting young people down for having an operating system of their own.  I just don’t see what’s the matter with having the best of both worlds, that’s all…  Perhaps in Windows 9?  You used to be able to choose whether your computer ran as a “Gamer”  or for “Programs”.  I haven’t located that just yet.  The only way I’ll gain control over downloads is to have “The Policy Editor.”  And the only way to get that, is to upgrade to Window’s 8 Ultima.  Awe, but perhaps Microsoft had this in their plan all along?  Oh how I long for Window’s 3.1 when you, and a close friend could sit back and enjoy your day with a simple floppy…



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