Simplistic Form

Apart from being bought or sold, there is something present within us all; something somewhat unexplainable, and yet it is so obvious, we would stumble upon it in our own thoughts.  And that is, that we are so creative in and of ourselves, it should seem readily apparent to everyone that there is  a God.  There is even actual physical proof that a soul exists within you.  We loose exactly 21 grams of unaccounted for weight at the point of death, that is not duplicated within any other animal except Homo Erectus!  LOL!  About 2 ounces of weight simply vanishes when we die; what does this 2 once sample of weight represent then?  Simplistic form?  How can that be explained?

I don’t believe I have a soul anyway.  I believe I “am” a soul!  A friend of mine’s brilliant sister is searching for that very thing!  It’s lodged somewhere within our brains she believes.  Even science contradicts the notion of death in the stating of a universal law:”Energy can not be lost, only _MG_0415_bconverted into a different form.  Take this Butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.  It has simplistic form; one wing almost an identical copy of the other, thought they are slightly different.  We find it easy to understand that it was a caterpillar before, and yet has transformed before our eyes into an entirely different form, and still we don’t believe this possible for ourselves._MG_0398_3 Such symmetry, we never would have thought possible if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes.  That’s the trouble with human beings these days: we’re all from Missouri.  The (“show me”) State.  I captured all these pictures at a: “Butterfly Conservatory.”  It turned out to be quite a quaint place and not just for its Butterflies;  There’s a picnic area there as well, along with a few other eccentricities._MG_0440And what do we have here?  Awe yes!  How can we say life is a vanishing whisper when there are scenes like this around?  If you’ve never imagined growing old with somebody, you need wonder no further.  Even what we leave of ourselves behind is not to be forgotten, but passed down from generation to generation…  Anyway, enough of this.  I was so excited just to get there and get pictures, well, you can only imagine how I felt when I was greeted by this: _MG_0441_b I was overwhelmed to say the least!  Flowers as well?  I thought they just had them in showcases (which they do).  I had no idea they’d be fluttering about”:_MG_0392_c This is one of the best pictures I got there!  There was something else about the place though.  There was a picnic area too!

_MG_0443_b You will find the life sized versions of all of these pictures at the top of this page, just as soon as I get finished with this blog…  Quaint huh?_MG_0405_2This just seemed to be the easiest way to get a lot of Butterfly pictures all at once.  You may extract them and use them in other pictures if you wish.  That’s what I do with them.

In The Gallery at the top of the page, click the first one for a slide-show view.  Then click: “View full size” at your bottom right.  Then click the +sign magnifying glass on the picture, right click and choose “Save picture as”…  Or “Save target as”…  Whatever lights up for you :O)


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