This is all so very temporary…

That gives me the perfect excuse to just babble on.  I’m doing a test actually.  I want to see if I can wrap text around a picture with Windows Live Writer.  I used this program, that is, a much younger version of it, some time ago.  I was blogging on windows spaces back then.  While we’re on the subject of experimentation, take a look at this  really neat effect.  And I did it in this little program I got from Windows 8 Store called: Color Splash Studio.  It’s designed to do one thing and one thing only.  That is, it will allow you to accurately paint color into black and

Black and White Colouring

white pictures, just by adjusting a few color sliders and your brush size now and    again.  I thought it was a clever idea for just a small ‘Metro App.’  It almost makes you want to turn all your pictures into grey-scale just to play around with them.  However, you can come up with some pretty interesting effects this way!  You can do the same thing in Photoshop without too much problem.  First you have to turn the color picture into a grey-scale image, and then turn it back into an RGB so you can color things in using one of Photoshop’s brushes…  Another way you can do it is to paint a mask over what you don’t want touched. You then paint I the rest of the picture without fear of going outside the lines.

You can do some foolish things though;  you can forget to save your work and suddenly there’s a power outage or your dog has just gnarled his was through your power cord.  So SAVE! SAVE! AND SAVE AGAIN!  Try experimenting with a few easy to paint pictures like this one and you’ll be surprised how easy it was able to wrap my text around the picture…  Now let’s see how it looks when I publish it.  And back up your work on disk.


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