Where were we?

_MG_0782 Sometimes you have to find just the right angle. In this case though, there’s no question about that. Make sure you check all your equipment before you go to sleep so in the morning you can just grab your back pack, tripod and go.  For the location of this place we drove up highway 11 for about an hour and a half from Steels and yonge St. in Toronto (Yonge St. ‘is’ Highway 11.  Whenever I’m not just sure, I always tell people to use Google Earth.  Just punch in the search field:  Cashe River and the program will show you exactly how to get there.  In fact, I sometimes use Google Earth looking for places to explore.  Sorry for all the white space above.  I’m not just sure how to use this Editor yet.  The regulars there are very friendly as well.  You can take all the pictures you want.  But why if you can get them from me?  Clear shots can be blown up to poster size in some cases.

Some people are not even aware what an incredible age we live in!  Cameras have come a long way.  The Canon 5D (The camera I use) saves pictures at true 35mm film size.  So getting yourself a good set of extension tubes for macro shots (extreme close ups) is well worth the investment.  A tripod helps as well.  There are photo screens with grids on them to help you get straight horizons.  Many new programs are out there that have tools to straighten the horizon too don’t forget.  That means instead you can use a focusing screen that focuses super clearly for you and improve your pictures with pin point sharpness._MG_0533_b    Don’t be afraid to experiment with your pictures in programs like Photoshop where post editing jobs can sometimes take on a life of there own, as in the picture above.  Programs that will allow you to first edit your pictures in RAW format give you far more latitude to make your pictures actually stand out with some ‘POP’!  They almost tend to jump out at you.  Even if you have no pop your pictures with stand out.  Also, working in RAW format does not degrade the picture. _MG_0499   Depth of field is important in your picture.  Allow who see your picture to be drawn into the picture by placement.  The trees are on the left because had I centered them, the effect would be lost.

_MG_0583_b  In the original large size image, the water was more a greenish yellow.  Yet I seemed to recall more of a dark tea like appearance and edited the picture accordingly.  I’ll be bringing you many more pictures as time goes on…  I’ll even get some music videos on here as well.  Just be patient.  I’m sure you’ll love these pictures though; great for any desktop!

Here’s a little secret.  Don’t get me wrong, Photoshop CS6 is a great program!  The very best photo editor out there!  It’s a little pricey for some people though.  If you can’t afford such a program, consider: PaintShop Pro X4 for $99 Canadian.  It might even be a good idea to Google the reviews.  All I know is, it does pack some power when it comes to saturating colors!  And that’s hard to find in cheaply priced software.  Well I hope you enjoy the pictures…  Feel free to comment on them.  I would love to here from you so that I can get to know some people here and get a little assistance organizing my cruddy formatting!  LOL!  It’s not easy being a Newbie…  OK.  Here’s one more.  _MG_0539

This Gallery below, can be presented as a slide show, or to download full sized images… Click top picture on left to begin.


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