Government Issue

I’m sure I’m not the first one to take up issue with The Canadian Government monitoring what is being said over The Internet. Places like Facebook and Twitter and Chat Rooms come to mind right away, yet it must especially include News Groups with all the nasty language in some of those places.

It’s unsettling to me 1) because The Internet ‘used’ to allow for free speach and I have been given to believe that no one can own that; that it’s one of the things we cherish the most, and what we died in wars for. And B) because I simply dislike the idea of someone breathing down my neck, waiting for some freudian slip or because an arguement of some kind breaks out and the Police break down my door and scoot me off to jail! It just gives me the creeps that’s all.

Look I’m all for justice and everything, but let’s face it, there’s a law for the rich, and a law for the poor. I belong in the second catagory, which I’m sure is not uncommon. I can’t get proper defence because it’s cheaper to pay the fine than to hire a Lawyer. Much cheaper! Thousands of dollars cheaper! Dollars I don’t have…

I’d be interested in some feedback on this about how other Canadians feel! Nasty things can and do happen over The Internet all the time and may need policing to some degree, but are we going over-baord here? Is it getting to the point where you can’t even open your own mouth without the fear of what others think about that? Is the Law becoming to invasive, too restricting with ‘Big Brother’ now ‘really’ watching our every move? Or NOT? And why? Is the result of this new law going to be encouraging, in your opinion?


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