Loose Belly Fat and Keep It Off

This is part of my ‘Life Extension’ series, so, I hope it falls into the right category.  I’m still new at this…  Well, not brand new; just less experienced with this particular blog as of yet.  I think rather than explaining why you might consider living longer healthier lives, I’d touch on a key topic that bothers a lot of people; how to win the battle of the bulge!  It’s terribly frustrating and just makes people feel like giving up on it altogether. ‘ I don’t know, I diet, I exercise, I loose my gut, but it comes right back again!  WHAT THE #%^*! AM I DOING WRONG???

First off, your body produces fat making ‘ cortisol ‘ when you’re under any kind of stress for a prolonged period of time, including jogging!  Long 90 minute jogs subjects your body to too much stress, producing more cortisol and there-by defeats the whole purpose of exercise to begin with!  The answer is to shorten your exercise time to about 30 minutes and increase the intensity.  Don’t jog, run!  Sprint for a few minutes, then walk ’til you catch your breath and sprint some more. especially up hill if you can.  And don’t go to a gym.  Gyms are full of stress; stress to get there and get home, stress cuz you just know everyone is watching you to see if you’re doing any better than they are.  The result?  More cortisol released in your body and more fat around your mid-section!  Five days a week exercising is sufficient.

Also, incorporate anaerobic exercise in your routine, like push ups and lifting weights.  Just curls with dumb bells is a good way to start.  Do about 20, and don’t jerk them up or down but move them smoothly. It’s a proven fact that muscle burns calories 5 times faster than fat, so muscle up to the task.

Constantly make a mental effort to keep your emotions out of the picture at work, home or play.  Train yourself to stay cool under the collar by practicing deep breathing exercises and meditation.  You can do this in the bath-tub for just 5 minutes while you’re letting your hair conditioner sink in.  Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly release it through your mouth.  It helps to say to yourself: ‘ In with the good air, out with the bad.  I don’t know why this works but it does.  And Yoga releases enormous amounts of stress!  Try practicing a few moves.  You’ll be surprised at the relief it gives you!

Don’t diet!  Just eat the right foods: Predominantly, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Stay away from starches like white bread, white rice, white pasta and white potatoes.  Starches turn into sugar in your body which utilities it for, you guessed it, more fat!  Actually sugar, especially white re fined sugar sets off a cascade of 147 things that go wrong in your body!  Stay away from it.  It’s poisoning you!  Instead, eat sweet potatoes and brown rice.  Take honey instead of sugar.  It’s natural and it’s antibacterial.  Eat plenty of fish!  If you hate fish, supplement with Omega 3.  Without Omega 3, your brain will actually shrink by 10% by the time you’re 60.

Some foods actually burn calories themselves:  Foods like blueberries, oats and barley.  Drink plenty of cold water. It shocks your digestive system but green tea will counteract that and help to keep you lean and mean.  Think about it…  Your body must heat up the water to body temp. which also burns calories. Protein burns calories too. Skinless chicken breasts are excellent for that, but turkey is even better.  It contains serotonin which will ensure you get your 8 hours sleep every night, relieving even more stress!  Just a few tips to help you on your way to a leaner meaner you…  And don’t eat the same foods everyday or your body will begin to see them as foreign invaders.  I hope you’ve found this helpful.


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