New Invention – Sweat Caps

Greetings and how’s it going?  Where’s it going, and why?  As most who know me are well aware, I’m a bit of a health nut.  OK, I’m a woppingly huge walnut; I may just as well call it like it is…  I jog 90 minutes a day, try to eat all the right fast foods, and swallow a variety of life prolonging pills I know nothing about.  Be that as it may, you can’t blame an idiot for trying!  Being an idiot alone proves I’m getting younger!…  Let’s us get down to it.  Shall we?


Whilst gasping for breath, stumbling along a lake-shore road at my usual break-neck speed of some 15 kms. per hour, as long as the wind’s at my back, when a gust of wind blew my cap off…  I stopped there gazing across the lake, retrieved my cap and wiped the sweat from my brow. Suddenly a thought occurs to me (something that hasn’t happened for decades now) as I squished the soggy inside lining of my cap between my thumb and forefinger;  what if someone made a cap with an absorbent sponge, just about the size of your forehead, yet not so thick that you look like Elmer Fudd?


As we sweat, we release toxins.  But where does it go?  It just stays on your forehead collecting.  As long as you clean your sponge cap every day, you’ll be removing thousands of toxins more than usual, adding to your health.  This is good news for joggers; something they’d be dying to get their hands on and would pay plenty for!  Why I’ve seen caps for $30 that don’t do anything but sit there backwards on our heads, exposing our faces to harmful alpha and beta waves, when we could be carefully sucking the juices from our bodies, and reaping the benefits.  I don’t want much for my ideas if they should make you rich and corrupted;  just my usual 92% finders fee  :O)


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