In The Big Inning

Let me first state my credentials:  I graduated High School a wandering Vagabond that pretty much remained in the same place, figuratively speaking.  I enjoy photography a great deal and often play with my camera.  I’d give you a sample but I haven’t downloaded a program yet that can handle them, and just hope the Internet doesn’t explode when I’m ready…

I recommend everyone should be a bit screwy just to remain sane; whatever that means?  I hope we can all be friends and try to waste our time here as creatively as possible. Admired by my Psychiatrist, adored by many local motorcycle gangs and inspired by a bag lady that wishes to remain anonymous, I’m certain we can look forward to many hours of daffy chaos and fractured spleens together.  I’d best leave having been suddenly struck dumb! I look forward to ever greater heights of trivial crap in the future…  ‘Til then, I bid thee a fond ado.  And Hi!  :O)

Perhaps I’m a tad tardy, a little grim beneath this cloak of constant, hysterical, gut wrenching laughter.  In time I found it was the little things that count the most; breathing, watching a frog belch, living in your own dust cloud, perfectly content to fumble about blind.  Accepting the shear tonnage of unbearable tripe loaded on our shoulders day after pathetic day…  Now that’s what I call living!  I’m sure you have your own names for life as well.  But finally being numb to it all?  It’s the greatest thing that so resembles peace of mind for me.


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