Hello world!

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Happy blogging!


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. This blog is going to be essentially about my life as I live it: I think it’s a bold and daring topic! LOL! Here your comments will always be welcomed and always replied to with expediency, grace and dignity all humans truly deserve, that we may all thrive and flourish of corpse! I will give my opinions and advice (depending on the topic. I pride myself on being an engaging conversationalist, so please don’t be shy; your comments are most welcome! Sorry I was away for a while, my computer crashed. It was an older model anyway and ready to bust… I fully intend to be omnipresent here, providence permitting.

    Soon we will be discussing anything from favorite camera models, to favorite techniques for picture taking! At my next visit here, I will be uploading some small photos I took with my Canon 5D. This model is a thing of beauty I’ll discuss with you at that time. The larger fully processed pictures (13″x19″) will be in the: “Photos” Category, waiting for you to freely download should you wish, so check back in a day or two at most, for that. We’ll discuss current events, relevant insights, ways to loose weight and stay younger longer, adding benefits of diet and a positive attitude. How to quite smoking by using drugs! LOL! Occasionally, as you’ll off times notice, I’ll come out with the odd wise crack; just a part of who I am folks! You’ll just have to tolerate because it’s not going to go away.

    We’ll discuss what kind of future we might expect for our children, shopping, financial planning, nanotechnology, at times speak in astronomical terms, and even blogging at your convenience; your wish is my command! Did that come out right? Oh it sounds all right, yet, if you study it closely… Hmmmm… It’s my utmost desire we all become good friends seeing as how we all share a mutual interest in blogging to begin with. See? Even this reply can’t help but become a blog in and of itself. I had nothing to do with it of corpse. So please stop by often as your home away from home blog, and shall most assuredly reciprocate! I’m so glad we had this heart to heart; AAARRRRRRRR! It does the soul (which weighs in at approx. 21 grams=2 ounces BTW) goodness just to be near salt. R me mates’. Anything further you wish to know, please feel free to ask… Dream of the sea tonight! Then tell me what part you played. Now there’s an idea, why not take up learning to paint your dreams; such are the musings of blogs. The schedule sounds about right. ‘Till next time then: stay healthy, wealthy, and wise!

    Yours: Captain Queege

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