The Truth

Finding a Happy Medium

No, I don’t mean you should set up a Weegee Board (This Dictionary is CRAP!). There’s a real dilemma here!  If you trust people too much, you most certainly will be deceived.  And if you don’t trust them enough, you most certainly will be alone.  LOL!  You would think there is no solution to this kind of problem, yet there is!

You’ve heard the saying: ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!’  And why do you think people say that?  It’s because some people catch on to deception right away, and because they’re this clever (Street wise), they set about deceiving the deceiver, not to stop them from deceiving others.  Not at first.  This is just a sprout to catch a Mackerel.

You do this so they will have to approach you in an honest matter, or they will get the same treatment.  If they run away with they’re tail between their legs, they’re not ready, though at least you’ve taught them not to kid a kidder…  If they stay, now you have a student you can teach better ways to achieve their goals and then release them back into the sea of humanity, with a buddy (Snitch), so you can monitor their progress.  If it sticks, you have a new friend.  This may sound like a lot of trouble to go about changing the world, but it’s fool-proof, and it works :O)

The Truth

Funny how you want to here the truth when it serves your needs, but not when it means you should work on your faults so that you might become a better person toward others.  There’s always room for improvement, and I have news!  That’s the kind of world we’re presently developing, so you may just as well take that look inward, and trust me, As do I, all the time, you’ll find lots about yourself that does need work.  Now what’s the problem with this type of outlook and how can we see this in a light that improves upon our own Judgment of other people and their problems?  Or is it that: ‘YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!’  Hmmmm?  No one here is perfect.  You know?


Humans are too easily mislead…

We can’t judge one another.  Our sense of Judgment and fair play is warped somewhat; a law for the rich and a law for the poor, is a very fine example of how we have this annoying, tendency to twist facts, exaggerate the truth and rationalize that lies are the REAL truth…  That most certainly are NOT!

So how can we improve upon this very backward play of human nature?  Quite simply, we need to take a much deeper look at ourselves.  And once this tendency to over-react or under-react will disappear and allow your mind to understand what is or not being said, more clearly to improve upon your comprehension skills!  And here’s the good part.  As we change ourselves, so too will society.  

I know it sounds so painful for you to hear, cuz it’s all so negative to you and all that CRAP!  We are living in a negative world so you’d better grow up soon to dealing with this fact, before it comes up and bites you on the ass!  OK?  You know no paradigm ever changes unless more than 50% of the populace agrees…  I’ve yet to even here a yawn from you!  It just shows the shear tonnage of ignorance I’m dealing with here!

There’s strength in numbers!


Look, we’re all a bunch of Luna-pics anyway!  You should be expressing your fears about this world and how we might put our heads together to solve our mutual problems.  And you know there are many!  Or you can go on ignoring this and have more people invade your PC’s until we all don’t feel like owning a computer at all anymore.  OK?  See how they all look the same yet different? <Hint!>

You pick at the gnat, and avoid the Camel!  OK.  I’d rather be a Lama…  Still, you’ve got to swallow that big hunk of pride in yourself and get off your high horse!  OK.  If that horse is too high for you, then get off your low dog! (I’m dyslexic)…  All of this is nothing more than The Truth!  If you don’t want to play, don’t come here…  This is a blog, not a Museum!

I can’t make you respond of corpse…  You’re getting very sleepy!      Zzzzzzzzzz!   Zzzzzzzzzz!

caregiver (1)


Helping The Needy…


What do you think of when you think of Caregivers?  You think of some young girl, who looks like Mini Driver tending to some old, Battle-Ax.  Right?  And when I looked up: ‘pictures of care-givers’, That’s just what they show, is a bunch of young people looking after Old Farts…

Well I’m here to tell you that Care-giving has been stereo-typed to belong to only young females, looking for Tuition money. I’ve been a Caregiver all of my life.  And although I’m male and 62 years old, that doesn’t mean I can’t take care of others.  I take care of Leslie and all her needs, and she’s only 58!  I take care of Bonehead, who comes here everyday for all of his needs: TV, cigarettes, food…  It all adds up!  He likes specialty channels.  Hehehehehe…


Because she can’t walk around without her cane, she confines herself to bed mostly.  So I must service her meals, help her take a bath, regulate her pills properly, do her laundry and go get all her confectioneries, cosmetics and Dainty Wipes…  Isn’t that being a Caregiver?  Not quite.

Because of her poor health Leslie needs a lot of hugs and reassurance, as well as encouragement and advice!  When a person becomes chronically ill, they quite naturally become afraid of what’s happening to them.  You have to be a source of strength for them, be ever present and on call at 3 am. if necessary…

When she does walk, she can fall at any time because she refuses to use her cane.  So I follow her until she’s seated.  She was in two separate car accidents, that complicated things that are already wrong with her.  They had to operate and had to twist her guts all around so everything would function properly.  

She has a rare form of eye cancer called something like: Hodgman’s Slodgeman’s Disease.  Blind as a bat!  Uses her own sonar too…  She has a broken back, a broken arm, and two bad knees!  She also has Fibromyalgia. (Stupid Dictionary)!  And some kind of virus that leaves little, purple dots all over her body!  At times, I can get her to fetch the paper, or beg for treats, but basically, she can only creep around on rare occasions, like bathroom breaks.  Thank Dog!  (I’m Dyslexic).

Doctors don’t give her enough pain meds, to kill all the pain she has, and so she suffers a lot.  Of corpse Doctors must have their puppet strings pulled by The Canadian Government now, and is only a lotted a certain number of pills and that’s it.  I do think that’s terribly wrong, cruel and unusual punishment!  Oh but if they ever get sick (Government Officials), sky high’s the limit!  With all the wrong in this world, they punish invalids?  Nice going…  You should all be shot with slow, infective, painful bullets, so that you linger and suffer, like you make others do!

Where’s my Paycheck?

caregiver (1)

I have a Title that fits along side of: ‘Doctor’ and ‘Radio Lab Technician’.  I save lives too!  So where’s my woppingly huge paycheck then?  That’s right!  We do it for FREE because nobody offers us a paycheck…  And unless you’re a Caregiver yourself, you have no idea how involving this is!  And it’s a 24 hr. a day job as well…  ’24 Hour Service’!

I ask for very little reward.  Perhaps a ‘Hi!’ now and again would help?  ‘I liked your blog!’ maybe?  A LIKE???  OK well…  Will you throw me a peanut every now and then?  Hey!  I know!  You know?  I could feature your story about how you care for the Slob you got stuck with!  You should put people to good use ya know.  Else-wise, we may just evaporate!  Meeya!  See?

adult helping senior in hospital


Rant# 4



Who was the Einstein who said: ‘Chaos is the most ordered form in the Universe?  OK.  It was probably Einstein.  I’m just not made that way though.  I need to know where everything is, and get confused enough even so!  Clutter makes me shutter because it confuses me and makes me feel like my own home has been turned into some kind of hideous Shopping Plaza!

Human Zombies!


And they’re all over the place!  Here we have one typing a note to his Mummy: ‘Sorry I can’t see you now Mummy, but I’m up to my neck in work!’  People are only promoted to the position they can’t master.  Add to this, most people aren’t thinking of being a Professional burger flipper anyway.  They just wanna get their paychecks and go home…

It really and truly bugs me that people world-wide are dying while someone continues to polish their nails instead of answering an urgent phone call!  A lot of Supposed Secretaries servicing severely ill patients refuse to answer the phone around where I live.  I can’t speak for your region, though I don’t doubt there’s still good care around…

We Ruin All We Invent!


I’m just using The Internet and computers as just one example.  There are a lot of things out there that once humans have time to muck around with it a bit, they screw it up for everybody!

Remember when everything on The Internet was free?  Now that’s kind of hard to find amidst all the commercials and commerce!  Now instead of calling it: ‘The Information Highway’, why not shoot for: ‘The biggest Shopping Plaza’ on Earth, because that’s what we’ve turned it into.  We took something good, and turned it into a three ring Circus of pop ups and viruses, and Hackers, and Malware, and Microsoft, an entire escaped criminal Organization directing your life, and you have an instant recipe for: ‘How many ways can we turn this into garbage?’

The Greedy Want It All!

Global Wealth 2

Pay particular attention on the left side of the graph. 68.4 % of the entire world population earn less than 10,000 US dollars. Now look at the very top of the chart at people that earn more than 1 million dollars US, and it’s only 0.5 % of the entire world population that own that much or more.  That’s outrageous!  And I heard that there are only 83 Billionaires in the world.  Right…   How about passing down a few yen to us poor Plebeians eh?

The rich, by their very nature, will finally start consuming themselves, long after the rest of us have all starved to death, been poisoned or shot…  They want it all!  And they’ll get it too! 


For What It’s Worth

Hoorah!  Hooray!  Congrats on being me;

How can so much BS, possibly smell so pure?

How much better could I possibly be;

In comparison to the rest of the manure?

That what I’m saying is only my own epiphany…

If it’s hard to believe, it’s only because it’s the truth;

Just sitting beside me can be such a thrill!

The rest of your friends are in lack of such proof;

That just breathing my air will give you your fill!

That what I’m saying isn’t just a tad aloof…

I know I am the greatest man on Earth;

That doesn’t mean you have to run away!

Stay for my love and wisdom to give birth;

Kneel to me and pray!

That what I’m saying, has really been what it’s worth…



Holistically Tying One On (Part 5)

How our bodies express attitude…

A lot of you for whom enjoy the Peeping Tom side of WordPress, don’t think for even a moment that I don’t know you.  I know you very well!  Every Spring like clockwork, I find myself saying to my inner sanctum, [There goes Barney Rubble; taking his rubble to the trash.  And look over there!  There's Betty Rubble; banging the carpet with her fork, to get the rubble out of it!]

Then I ask myself why it is, that these two supposedly neighborly people keep their house, their dog, their kids and their car in good shape (Admirable qualities to be sure!), yet when it comes to themselves, they smoke cigarettes and pot on top of that! The occasional drink becomes weekend binges!  And lately the computer and the TV have become your main pass-time involvements, which pass more time than involvements…   Time to take your 700 pills!  Good grief!  What a sin…

I’ve seen you there, after midnight, with your head stuck in the fridge, wondering why you still can’t see your toes, in spite of all this dedication you’ve put in, avoiding the problem!  What you are suffering from, is a dad attitude fueled by rationalizations that bad things only happen to the other guy and never to you; a stupid premise based upon shear conjecture: ‘ORDER IN THE COURT!’ (Smacks down large, titanium mallet on soft, Styrofoam.)  <Poof…>

It IS a moral matter!


This is an approximation of what I feel, a typical male might resemble, in this before and after picture…  See how thin you can become if you just shave off your mustache?  LOL!

You have a moral obligation to take at least as good care of yourself as you would your dog, your kids, your home or your car.  These are just things!  Well, except for your kids of corpse…  Yet what do you feed them but what you eat?  And what do they do but play video games?  So naturally, they begin to resemble you.

The right thing wood bee to respect and take proper care of your health, which sets the example for others and gives them a goal to reach as well!  Doesn’t that make more sense than dying young and feeling like CRAP all the time?

I once saw a bumper sticker that read: ‘Exercise, eat well, get plenty of sleep, and die anyway!’  What it fails to tell you is when you’ll die, the quality of life you’ll lead and how science now plays a critical role in life extension.  Having an enthusiastic and determined and consistent discipline, as is a ‘spirit of calm, love and forgiveness!’  These things too are all important, to keep your body from releasing harmful chemicals into your system.  

From time to time, I’ll update you on my own progress.  That’s about all: ‘You may as well like yourself.  Just think about all the time you’re going to have to spend with you!’  – Jerry Lewis (The Nutty Professor)


 A little goes a long way!

This woman has lost 33 pounds and just look at the difference!  I have lost 40 pounds (down from 220 lbs. at the time I uploaded pictures of me two years ago, yesterday.  I just got my congrats from The WordPress gang of thugs.  Thank you so much rich people…

I now weigh in at 180 lbs. have kept the weight off successfully for two years now, and am quite proud of my achievements thus farly!  And I always feel alert an well…  Just terrific!  I’ve given you everything you’ll need to work with.  You have nothing to loose but weight, and of corpse the admiration and respect of all who surround you.  Isn’t that what you want?  Admiration and respect?  Why not get up off your chair shaped butt and start right away?  Best of fortune to you all!

Retraction:  Do not take the ‘Greens Plus’…

    Do not take the Greens Plus if you have any kind of serious mental condition.  It has 1 gram of caffeine in it, and will send you through the ceiling!  Of corpse, if you’re used to drinking twelve cups of coffee a day, go right ahead…  LOL! 

Rant# 3


    Well the Head Honcho, The Big Cheese, The Fat Bologna that’s head of the Board of Dissectors, he said that older people weren’t important to consider anymore because we don’t buy all the newest rage from Tablets to Androids.  OK.  That’s fair enough, yet you Sneaks can’t put one over on me!  You took out Window’s XP, which you know was the most stable of all operating systems, just because it was useful to the poor, and age is not necessarily a factor here!  Why not one of your Security up the old dirt road systems, like Window’s 8, Mr. Money Bags?  A system where you can’t even load your own name up without it calling you a guest and turning Windows into a shell you can barley use!

You have to start all over again when you reboot!  It won’t save files or programs!  What good is that?  Who works there?  88 Fingers Louis?  What’s the big idea passing off your ‘Junk!’ operating system onto a public kept in secret until it’s release which was a big bunch of CRAP!  I don’t care who you ‘think’ you are, Bill Gates stinks, your security up the butt stinks, and your new operating system stinks!  Your prices stink, and so does your stinky logo!  Oooo!  Four colors!  How did you come up with that?  I’ll bet science was involved!  Your name has the odder of raw spewage!  Even your name suits you: ‘So ‘Micro’, that they can’t be seen, and so soft, that they can’t be heard!  Microsoft eh?  Monopoly is what you mean!  Windows would be much more user friendly without you, and so would I!



What the frack is the matter with you?  Are we all Fracking crazy?  What the flying frack did you think you’d accomplish by digging all these holes a mile down, all over the world?  Fracking, is a process by which people collect natural gas and is probably the death throws of the Fossil Fuel age.  Still, this process continues to release methane into the atmosphere, long after you’re through using them!  They say that only 1 in 20 holes are doing that.  Yes, yet there are approximately 1.8 million of these holes in the US alone!  These things are all over the world.  That adds up to a lot of ‘1 in 20’ holes spewing methane into the atmosphere.  Don’t do that CRAP MAN!

That’s a lot of methane when you consider animal farts along with all this methane that was once trapped in the rock.  You’re turning this place into Venus, you big bunch of  Hothouse Dummies!  It poisons our water, our air, the ground!  Did I miss anything?  Will you ever stop fracking up this planet?  You make a bunch of pot holes over fault lines, and what do you think will happen come the next big earthquake?  California is especially asking for trouble!  Here’s a good site to read about what this is doing to us :  And below is a map of all the places they are fracking so far.  So Frack you, and everybody who looks like you!  Home wreckers!


Rant# 2

I’ve got rants in my pants!

Why do I let so many things bother me?  It’s because I do really care about the shear tonnage of CRAP people have to put up with.  I also know, if it bothers me, it more than likely bothers you because these things are all ubiquitous to most people richer than rodents.  I just feel that unless people complain, there’s no way of rectifying things that get mass produced and then become a nuisance to us!  My bread comes out of my toaster the same way it goes in; untoasted!  That’s the only setting it has!  And the crumb trays won’t stay on, giving me a Cumby counter top!  Why don’t they just come right out with it on the label: ‘Unworking Toaster for cheap person!’

Juicing makes me wanna Vomit!

It could be the three cloves of garlic I throw in cuz garlic is a strong irritant, and at the same time, providing a handy poison for the tip of your bullets.  I’d guzzle down my massive soup bowl chocked full of everything on the planet that uses Chlorophyll.  Then I go sit in my Easy-Boy and start to sweat profusely, accompanied by a strong, nauseous sensation.  Then a start going: ‘AWWWK!’ ‘AWWWK!’

I did however, discover the secret to preventing juicing sickness.  It works the same way when you take too much niacin, open up all of your capillaries, turn you red as a beet, and you itch all over your body!  Yet it is relieved quickly, with a simple slice of whole wheat bread!  So, as soon as you guzzle down your big, fat load of juice for the day, in just 2 short minutes, eat something with fibre in it!  Like fruit!  An apple and a 3 ton bag of grapes should do it.  Well, just a few clumps really….

Pot has a mind of my own!

The psychological addiction to pot have profound and long reaching implications for me.  It turns out I’m allergic to the stuff!  Certainly, at first, I felt leaning over the bathroom sick gagging for an hour and a half was worth the mood enhancing effects of pot, but after years of it, you do become convinced else-wise.  For one thing, it hampers my lung capacity when I exercise, resulting in my being unable to reach my full potential.  I suppose I’m fortunate in some way, because all that mucus was also carrying what looked like slime covered carcinogens to me!  Anyway, I’m now down to 9 tons a day, brought in by United Emirates Airlines…  LOL! 

When I do quit, and I’m almost psyched up for it now, I just feel it’s too soon after I quit drinking.  You know how everybody says: ‘If you quit everything at once, you die of cleanliness!’  Well allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Mud!

In the mean time, what I could do, is buy one of those vaporizers.  They only give you the THC, and discard the carcinogens!  They do cost about $200, but it might be worth it to begin saving my poor, tired, lungs right away!  It’s just a band-aid for now.  However, my endurance and stamina will definitely improve!  And THAT, is another victory against aging so quickly…  Holy Cow!  (as opposed to an unholy Cow!), this has been a pretty productive rant all in all  Kneel and pray to me!!!