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If I Could See!

If I could see ahead in time;

I guess I’d change my route!

If I could truly call something mine;

Perhaps I would give a hoot!

If I could find a way to win;

I suppose I would change my plan!

I would make sure it is not a sin;

To give back to my fellow Man!

If I could see before my eyes;

A way to make it right,

It should come as no surprise;

I am yet to gain this insight!


I would NEVER raise a hand to my Child!

You’re what I like to call: ‘Wrong!’

You know me to be quite apt at explaining myself by now.  Reason being, I would never say anything to mislead you if I can possibly help it!  I’ve always tried to look ahead, consider the entire picture and possible consequence of my actions against the dividends.  My judgments then, are more than usually spot on.  If I don’t know what I’m talking about, you can pretty well bet I won’t tackle the subject.  However, having learned through keen, observation, and personal experience, I can confidently say that I qualify as a competent Parent, rather than the Child Beater you may be supposing of me right now.  There’s a difference!

If you truly love your children, you must administer the appropriate amount of discipline at the appropriate times!  By appropriate, I mean if it concerns something major to their proper development, like failing to carry out instructions that may involve serious consequences for your child later in life, or an actual armed robbery…  LOL!  

Take my word for this.  For two of my children, a boy and a girl, I have only administered corporal punishment once and once only!  Since taking this wise step, (not holding back , and teaching who’s Boss).  That’s all important or you may wind up with a little Psychopath on your hands!  It’s not my problem if your kid goes to Prison for Life at 19 cuz he lost his temper and shot someone.

Some boys more especially, tend to be willful enough not to produce tears.  A red butt confirms it was delivered successfully.  Then be certain to explain in detail exactly how much that hurt you to have to do that!  Ask them why they did what they did, and explain the consequences, not just from you, but from how their entire lives will proceed on such a premise…  ‘Will you please listen to me from now on?’  Else-wise, this is Parental Neglect!

Since then, I’ve had nothing but glowing reports from people everywhere, on how well behaved my children are, and I never once had to touch them again!  When I ask them to jump, they ask how high…  And it’s not out of fear, but the common sense that must be drilled into them.  This in truth is respect that guides them.  Else-wise, you are raising a little Trouble Maker, that eventually become:  ‘Big Trouble Makers!’  Comprehend?  This has also worked on my cat.  It now obeys my every command making it unnecessary to suffer through life to begin with.  You will find then generally, just making your cat stand in the corner with it’s nose against the wall, is enough…

The One that got away…

Elliot was the one I had yet to discipline at all before I left.  He was only 3 at the time…  I managed to retrieve a picture from my (One time) brother, and it was obvious in the picture that he was a true instigator in the making!  So you see, the stand in the corner, or removal of privileges, or even grounding, in and of it’s own, is primary ineffective without at first removing the want to create mischief far from them, and as unfortunate as this may sound to you, sometimes you may have to even threaten the little Dodgers, reminding them that you DON’T want to strike them, and not that you do.  This is one prominent reason we raise Criminals; we don’t spend enough constructive time with them to point them in the right directions to begin with!

These are Human Beings that start out as animals!  Check out parental behavior in the entire Animal Kingdom if you don’t believe me…  Watch a sibling start a fight with another cub, and just see if the Mother solves the problem with words?  I’m not in a particular mood to strike any child.  It’s a one time event, while they’re young, backed by caring and value instruction on life and how to tackle what they must face out there, without becoming just like them.  And I’m not here to tell you to do anything!  Your choices are yours to make, and yours alone..  For further instructions, please view this site:  Backward as ever though:  ‘I would NEVER raise a hand to my Child!’  



How to Abolish Crime…

Getting to the Root of the Problem…

Certainly, our present barbaric way of dealing with Criminals is not working!  You can’t throw them all in together, where they can learn new and improved evading The Law skills from more seasoned Professionals and are then let loose again.  Only this time, they’re much harder to detect…  Not a good plan!  Correctional Institutions?  Does not exist…

As you may recall, I once suggested putting them all on an Island.  And while they’re all sitting round the camp fire, drinking rubbing alcohol and plotting new ways to stir up another brown one, just nuke The Island…  Be sure and get Polaroids…

Another idea, was to set their houses on fire, and gun them down as they come out rubbing the smoke from their eyes… Not practical either.  See, the main problem is than no matter if you got rid of them all, new ones are being born every single day!  So even if you planted a device that blows their brains out if they sneeze wrong, you’d still get brand new trainees, guided by their equally demented parents.  So how can we ask Oden to stem the tide of Criminal on-slot?


Do you really think THIS will rehabilitate Criminals?  They go out much more hateful and seasoned than when they went in! We’re not stopping crime this way.  What we are doing, is breeding new and more highly skilled Criminals!  Is that what you pay your tax dollars for?  Backwards or not?

Science To The Rescue!

Remember I once told you that you would look for the wrong doer and he would be no more!  God would have done this for free for us.  Mankind and the crumby, Idiot he is, had to open his big mouth and say: ‘We want to do it ourselves!’  And so, after much struggling and many deaths, and losses to everyone on the entire planet, 2015 years later, at last we have reached the crossroads necessary to stop this carnage once and for all!


Turning off The Genes Responsible for Carnage…

Genes are specific snippets of DNA that instructs various proteins to carry out functions within the body.  By turning off the genes necessary for stirring up turds, we will be simply quieting impulses to make non-constructive decisions is all.  You will still be completely you.  The only difference, is that the ‘fly off the handle’ gene as well as the notorious ‘Smart Alec’ gene.

It will become mandatory at birth that these genes be silenced, as a bothersome remnant of our primitive side.  Soon, no parents will be carrying these genes to transmit, and a world wide effort to improve many things will ensue…  Just thought I’d help brighten your prospects for the day.  So hold on…  Help is coming! :O)

Note To WordPress:

Footnote:  Dear WordPress;  Your stupid tags and categories get mixed up and all backwards on your ‘NEW’ way to write blogs.  Just thought I’d let you know you’re doing things backwards again and thats why I have all these new Categories I don’t need!  So thanks for new peaching keen problems:  ‘If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!’

Warsaw Zoo Cavemen

Rant# 5


They think they’re Gods, but what they really are is: ‘Money Collectors’.  To prove my point we set up a little experiment, using my Landlord as a Guinea Pig.  I mean, rather than the standard, old, usual ‘rich people are heartless’. ‘Rich people are cheap’ deal.

So since a back bedroom rug has been sitting in here for about a year totally demolished, by a previous Tenant, with my Landlord refusing to address the situation, and since he’s a millionaire many times over, from all the apartment buildings he owns, he’d be the perfect candidate to prove my point.

My best friend Bonehead decided that it was time to clean this mess up anyway.  So I helped him move all the furniture out and mopped out The Furnace Room cuz the tiles were just black in there.  Just a small closet, just in case.  I’ll get to that later.  Oh, and I also helped Bonehead to lift the carpet up.

Then, since the two Hippo’s have left as well, and our Landlord said he doesn’t rent to:  ‘Pigs’…  I understand that.  So I proceeded to wash down all the doors, walls and floors down.  And ya know what?  He didn’t even notice.  No.  Instead, he went straight to the tiny furnace room (that I cleaned, just in case), searching for the Gnat, while ignoring the whole Damned Camel, just like I said would happen.

There’s cheap, and then there’s cheap cheap!

So what we did was show The Landlord what Bonehead was doing with all the glue to lift it with just hot water and a pallet knife, the grout between the tiles as well, and made sure to inform The Landlord to it was a full 40 hr. week to complete the job. 

The when Bonehead went to The Office to collect whatever he felt in his heart to pay him, he informed him as well that he’s a Professional construction Worker with 25 years under his belt and could probably build the Mansion he lives in, just to see if he’d con his way out or pay him fairly?

He then proceeded to right Bonehead out a cheque, for $100.  That come out to $2.50 an hour…  That’s about what Slave-masters pay 12 year old Guatemalans to machine knit your socks, for food and shoes, which they hide on them and ration, so they’re to weak to walk the long distance home…  To sum it all up: ‘Thou shalt not steal, unless you thy self is being robbed blind!  Why look!  I’ve made a brand new Commandment!  Introducing, a typical Landlord:

Warsaw Zoo Cavemen

Death by Misadventure!

It’s sad enough when Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread…  When Pharmaceutical companies are setting you up for it, that’s a little much: ‘Don’t take this if you’re taking that, it will cause Coma after death!  If you’ve had hives when you were a baby, your parents didn’t tell you cuz they’re dead now, then I guess you’re dead now too, cuz something’s bound to conflict with what you’re already taking already, and as a senile disabled,  (Physically and nuts besides!)…

I can vouch that sometimes, I don’t know what I’m taking anyway!  I’ll take anything to stop this aging on-slot on my body and mind!  So with all The Doctors under control as well, I think they’re trying to get rid of the elderly and disabled early cuz we’re just a burden on them, and let’s face it.  We now live in a pleasure seeking, Hedonistic Society comparable to a monkey’s cage!  Why don’t you just shoot us in public?  No really!  Trust me on this.  We won’t mind!  At least then, we’ll know where it came from!

Failure to Take Action!

The story of my life:  ‘As long as I’m safe in my own, little , comfort zone, bubble, no harm shall ever come to me!’  I have news for you!  What people used to call: ‘Minding my own business!’  has now become: ‘I don’t give a flying, rats ass about anyone but ME!’  You’d better start standing up for what you believe in rather than hiding in a corner beneath a cloud of excuses, what you believe in, is gonna go bye-bye!  OK?

Maybe it’s better you live in the kind of world where the brutes take over for a while.  Maybe it takes something like that to get you off your chair shaped butt and do something about the wrongs and atrocities you see being committed all around you!  It’s comparable to seeing a man dangling from a cliff and ignoring that he’s there!  That’s tantamount to being responsible for his murder regardless of how he got there or why…

To truly exercise a heart of forgiveness, we must be responsible for others where they can not, or yes, even refuse to be!  People have had enough of this ‘LAY  LOW!!!’  GARBAGE, that only serves to dig the hole deeper than you’re already in!  Why?  It’s because you won’t defend others and therefore loose the right to be able to defend yourselves!  And if you want to know the truth?  I think that’s only fair, since all you’ve ever done, is sit back and watch others die…


Things are People Too!

What’s with Things?

I remember when I was a boy of about 6 ish… And my body looked funny when I was small:  My legs curved outward, I had Popeye arms and bad eyesight, so I squinted all the time in sunlight.  I looked up at all these tall buildings, circa 1958.  Listen! To a six year old, 10 stories is gigantic.

It was kind of strange because I seemed to be able to feel their presence around me, as if they were living entities.  And in a way they were because of the people inside of them, but it was more than that.  Windows looked more like eyes to me, and in a way they were, because we may view from windows;  I could feel the Mantra or Manatee that each building possessed, feeling calm about some, and uneasy about other buildings.  And in a way, that’s true because some corporations are honest, and others are not.  Are you beginning to see where I’m going with this yet?  

Life is never what it seems.  The more ‘things’ we buy, the more we alienate ourselves from one another!  Prejudice is still alive and thriving.  Or why do we battle with other nations, and crowd them out on behalf of our own way of living?  Why are there still over 300 borders that separate one kind of people from another?  Everyone will speak English or be shot!  LOL!  If we must have one more thing to suck up our time, why can it not be an electronic language translator?

Let’s go Native…

Indian Chief

This is Chief Busted Wing, or something or other: ‘I told you I could stand here until I get a tan!’  That’s of no consequence.  What you do need to know is that Native Indians believe everything has a Manatee (spirit) attached to it, and that these Spirits can either support us or cause us trouble.  This is so, they believe, because they see some of the spirit of the person or persons that made the object, or ‘thing’.  So I know I have some support on this idea already; one day, all things made, will be conscious of itself, so there goes that theory that they’re only ‘things’…

So consequently, should you surround yourself with many things in your home?  A Naked Indian might conclude that we have too many things to influence and corrupt our lives!  Feeling themselves one with the wind, water and earth, and a little chilly sometimes, they at least respect the planet they live on!  That is, except for the ones who have followed the White Man (with a dark suntan, and his hat at a jaunty angle…) and became Airline Pilots, and Construction workers…   They bring shame on The Indian Nation!

They Developed New Laws of Their Own!

Like laws for mathematics:  ‘If you have 3 apples and I take 2 away, wouldn’t you call The Police’?

Indian Law: ‘If you kill another man’s dog, you buy him another dog!’

‘If you laugh with another man’s Wife, whole tribe will laugh with your Wife.  That way, whole Tribe is satisfied but your Wife!  We hope you find good place to lay your head.  <Hehehehehehe!’>

‘If Indian should go the way of The White Man, we all spit in your lunch bag before you left!  <Hahahahahahaha!>

‘An Indian must build his own Wig-Wom.  If you don’t remember Wig-Wom School, you must sleep standing on the rocks and twigs, disguised as tree!’  Henceforth, you will be known as: ‘Fake Tree, Standing on Rocks and Twigs!’ 

‘If an Indian woman must laugh with The White Man only, she must bring home five packs of Camels and twelve Ponies, drunk with Fire Water!  This way, we make half Indians entitled to half a Wig-Wom, and sometimes a night out at Yuck Yucks!’

‘If you are broke, here’s a potato…’

Caught Red Handed!


Here we have two Native Indians that were apprehended by two alert Siamese cats, who just happened to be wandering through the woods at the time!  As you can see, they are snorting coke through a tree trunk!

In Contusion

So I look around me now and see that although their customs may be a little different from The White Man only, we are all basically the same at heart.  We want what we want, and like any Hunter, we all celebrate when we get it…  No matter if we’re purple, pink or plaid,  don’t ever surround yourself with so many things, that you piss off Native Indians, they may just go on The War Path and take over Algonquin Park or something!  Maybe then, we’d get better rates…  I say: ‘Give the land back to The Native Indian, and start knitting our Wig-Woms!’  I’m thinking of a partition to park my tricycle…