Relentlessly Yours

How can I be in love within the call;

When all I want to do is die?

How can I stand so high above it all;

When I stall and keep falling from the sky?


On all on whom I’m leaning on, are tactlessly afraid;

Of all the meant for hopelessness, of a blackened crying soul!

Like some song bird’s plight he’s never yet played!

I think of love and see in this, a frighteningly endless hole;


I think and I see in endless curves;

So why is it all made up of lines?

Like our infrastructure of cells and nerves;

That keep contradicting oaks and pines!


I know there has got to be a better life;

Awash on distant shores.

And in spite of all my pain and strife;

Relentlessly, I’m yours!


‘Till We Meet Again

I Must be Moving On

‘The greatest loss in life isn’t death.  The greatest loss, is what we loose while we’re still alive!’ – Norman Cousins.  Isn’t it funny how the best laid plans of mice and men get a crinkle in them, just at the time you plan to implement them?  Day before yesterday, My ‘Stats’ went through the roof!  Sixteen of you viewed 12.44 of my posts.  That’s amazing!  Now I know that at least 16 of you out of my 254 followers, are truly interested in what I have to say!  Of corpse you big shots out there, might not find that significant at all.  I, on the other hand, consider that an entire class room, including myself!  I owe you all a warm hearted thank you, from the bottom of my feet!  And you know I mean that!  Here’s the screen shot:


The Facts of Life

Since I got my new operating system up and running, I’ve been able to download pictures now.  Plus my programs for design and Illustrations are also available to me.  I’ve been grappling with Painter 2015 help file: some 1200 pages of gobbled-y goop I must get the general jist of, if I’m to familiarize myself with the program.  Plus I’ve been doing the million and one things I need to do everyday to take care of my health, looking after my Love Goddess: ‘Satan’s Imp’, handling all the cooking and housework, run errands and pay bills, and taking care of Bone Head, what thinks it lives here, and there are only so many hours in the day.  Meanwhile, there’s over 350 posts you can meander through at your convenience.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if I plan to bring you more pictures and learn Illustration, I’m going to have to vacate the premises for a while.  That is, at least until I find myself smooth sailing in these other aspects of exploration which are just as important to me as blogging is!  I will show up from time to time with a brain storm, if I ever get one, but will generally be absent for a while.  These are just the facts of life.  I can’t be an omnipresent God just yet.  Gee!  Wouldn’t ya know it? Just when things were beginning to look up for me.  I am extremely pleased by this too!  Just at a loss to juggle all that I have on my plate just now.  I do trust my true friends will wait for me… ‘Til we meet again…



Better Blogging Techniques

Visual Tags

I was CONTEMPLATING Evelyn wood’s SPEED READING course, and came up with a SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT idea to help us beginners along when reading, long drawn out blogs…  Ordinarily, we read from left to right, horizontally, LINE by line.  It’s possible however, to READ vertically, just scanning down the PAGE quickly, and look for KEY WORDS that give you the JIST of the entire ARTICLE.  It suddenly occurred to me while I was watching my favorite COMEDIAN PERFORM: ‘LEWIS BLACK.’ i saw that part of the REASON he was so FUNNY, was because he would EMPHASIZE certain words in his SENTENCES, and POINT with his FINGER when he did so!

ACCENTING particular WORDS this way is very easy to do, and SHOWS me just where all of my TAGS are, so I can quickly SKIM through the article and easily FIND all of my tags, and that it also improves my MEMORY because I also CONSIDER if I have already tagged a certain word before.  Like-wise, it gives BEGINNERS an OPPORTUNITY to ADAPT to longer reads by just PICKING out the main ENCAPSULATION of the article!

At FIRST, it was a little TRICKY as is any NEW LEARNING EXPERIENCE, yet you can quickly get the HANG of it!  Now I certainly don’t PLAN on using this in every single BLOG I write.  However, I do intend to WRITE a few of them this way, so that I cover a VARIETY of CATEGORIES, just to see how PROFICIENT this new way of BLOGGING truly is.  I KNOW  what you’re THINKING: is this going to confuse SEARCH ENGINES when all of my tags are capitalized?  I’m not just sure.  However, people have told me that I’m MISSING out on a larger blogging AUDIENCE by not using INTERNET EXPLORER…

I DISAGREE!  Internet Explorer can also bring you HACKERS to take over your COMPUTER, and VIRUSES that can shut you down for GOOD!  My blogging audience keeps steadily GROWING, and if I COMMENT and, ADD new BLOGGERS to my viewer CUSTOMER BASE on my READER and frequent FACEBOOK more often, this should be sufficient enough in itself to attract others to my blog.  I’ve also noticed that tags become less frequent as I PURSUE a specific TOPIC line.  And it gives NEWBIES a better IDEA of what words are appropriate for TAGGING and which ones are not…

Point Form

Give a MAN the TOOLS to build a HOUSE who’s never seen a house before, and he will BUILD you a very UNIQUE house! So I can’t over emphasize the VALUE of IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY as the two of the foremost tools NECESSARY for EMPLOYING BETTER BLOGGING TECHNIQUES!  For this REASON our VOCABULARY tends to grow, having us employ larger words to both shorten the length of our blogs and DRIVING our point HOME in a more PICTURESQUE FASHION.  Although, you should never use a LONG  word where a SHORT one will do, point form is a rather INGENIOUS  way of encapsulating MATERIAL, it also can be used to RECAP main THEMES and CONCEPTS when the idea of a blog is particularly COMPLEX in NATURE.